Enjoy a complimentary full-sized Restorative Pulse Point Oil when you spend £80 or more.

Explore the exceptional facilities at many ESPA spas and how they help enhance your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Explore the exceptional facilities available at many ESPA Spas and how they help enhance your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Oversized beds for one or two people to relax on during their spa visit, usually suspended from ceiling height or secured on the ground. 

Often used in between heat experience or to prepare for treatments, experience showers use different types of water flow, aromas, temperatures, pressure and lighting to enhance the senses.

Area dedicated to additional grooming and beauty treatments, such as manicures, pedicures and make-overs. 

A workout area with the latest gym equipment, free weights and floor mats. Personal training pods are a more frequent feature within these gyms allowing for more private, personal training sessions.

With origins in the Middle East, 'Hamman' means 'you are being washed' and in this humid and warm treatment room guests experience a Hamman ritual, which combines heat and steam with pouring of free flowing water, plus massage with traditional black soap, body scrubs and masks.  

Crushed ice is often used in between heat experiences to cool and revitalise the body, allowing for better penetration of heat into the systems of the body to help increase circulation and aid relaxation.

Also referred to as an exercise or swimming pool, lanes may be included to allow these guests who wish to swim to stay fit.

A mosaic or stone-clad room used privately or for a couple. Within the anteroom, guests apply therapeutic muds to face, body and hair before relaxing in the main dry heated chamber. Once the mud has dried, steam is released into the chamber at a temperature between 42-46°c with humidity set at 100%, where the mask becomes supple again. After the programmed time, the herbal steam will clear and guests will be doused in an overhead shower to gently wash away the mud and impurities from the skin.  

Transforming relaxation into pure wellbeing, beds vary in size and material and are curved to shape the body for the highest level of comfort and tranquility. 

Varying in size, shape and material, loungers are often shaped to fit the body contour and heated to ensure total rest and relaxation.

Using a dimly lit, quiet room including relaxation beds where guests can rest and relax before, in between or after treatments. 

A Finnish tradition usually made from Hemlock wood or stone and heated to a temperature between 80-100°c with minimal humidity, this room creates a dry and intense heat to give a purifying effect on the body. Humidity can be periodically infused into the cabin via automatic infusion or by manually pouring water on to exposed hot rocks.  

A private bed within a dark or dimly lit area or room where guests rest and relax in peaceful quiet before, in between or after treatments.

Most spas will offer a healthy selection of nutritious food and beverages. From restaurants, cafés and libraries, areas will vary from calm to social and active. 

A mosaic or stone-clad finished room which is heated to a temperature between 42-46°c with humidity set at 100%. Periodically releasing steam infused with aromatherapy oils, a steam room helps to cleanse and detoxify the skin, relax the mind and body in preparation for treatments and can help with respiratory conditions.  

Indoors or outdoors, this area is dedicated to fitness classes such as Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi.

A warm seating area where you can relax pre and post-treatments.

A sociable, open space including a series of heat experiences to help soothe, relax and detoxify the body, such as a sauna, steam room, ice fountain, experience showers, salt grotto and foot bath, along with a relaxation area or room. 

Private room, perfect for one, two or occasionally a small group of friends. Often includes private changing and relaxation areas plus two or more treatment beds or rooms to enjoy treatments together. 

Heated to a soothing temperature between 35-37°c, a Vitality Pool often includes air tubs, swan neck fountains, air loungers and water jets. Benefits are cleansing and detoxification of the skin, relieving tired and aching muscles, increasing circulation and relaxing the mind and body before treatments.